Artist Statement

For 25 years I have painted with a loose, quick brush and a colorful palette.  My work is energetic, bright, and has a Modern Impressionistic feel. 

With a passion for helping children, the environment, state and national parks, and the garden, my drawings and paintings emerge.  Common themes include trails, lakes, teapots, meadows, moose, backyard bouquets, bikes, fruits, veggies, and children in their element.  

Painting has been my easiest way to communicate. Through color and paint, my goal is to inspire others to take that hike, notice the purple shadows under a wave, make a child a cup of tea, or bring flowers to neighbors.  I often welcome children into my process, both my own and from our community.  

Whether in my journals, a big canvas, or just in my mind, there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not somewhere in the process of a painting.  I aim to capture the everyday magic in life worth holding onto; to bring JOY onto a canvas and share it with others.